Work experience

I am too committed to be a job-hopper. The list is this long, since I was usually offered to join a new challenge by the end of a project, which would bring me interesting new experiences and knowledge.

2021-current | Koenigsegg Automotive AB in Ängelholm (SE).

  • Senior mechanical engineer developing a new system integrating contributions from a project designer, light and optics engineer as well as an embedded engineer and several others.

2017-current | LAGOM mobility s.r.o. in Prague (CZ).

  • Product and development strategy definition.
  • Company founding (as in my own company).

2017 | Goodbaby Czech Republic s.r.o. in Prague (CZ).

  • Project and product manager for development and realisation of mechatronic and smart variants of existing product lines.
  • Close cooperation with development department and management of partner/parent company Cybex. Aligning their traditional development strategy with new type of products.

2015-2017 | Koenigsegg Automotive AB in Ängelholm (SE).

  • Certification engineer with focus on US EPA and CARB emissions as well as OBD-II for both organisations.
  • Development engineer for various interior components. Designed key fobs for the One:1, Agera RS and Regera models.
  • Improve Regera development via setting up TeamGantt planning (eBOM/mBOM based), knowledge management and direct daily support.
  • Increase cooperation between development and production. Introduce optimised vehicle assembly strategy to reduce impact of customisation.

2013 | TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o. in Prague (CZ).

  • Co-authored investment report with management member for an innovative new test laboratory.

2013 | Savage Rivale in Hilversum (NL).

  • Analysed options for evolving both the Roadyacht product and the company to a more mature level.
  • Made proposal for improvements.

2012 | B/E Aerospace in Nieuwegein (NL).

  • V&V Engineer: Validation and Verification for a new convection oven.
  • Developed corporate template for requirements management in Lean 6σ environment.
  • Teamcenter PLM + Unigraphics NX introduction (Management support/Consultant/Executing).
  • Introducing improved in-house knowledge distribution via (SharePoint) wiki and document management.

2010-2012 | Spyker Automobielen BV in Zeewolde (NL).

  • Design Engineer: Catia V5 (MD2/GS1/DP2) + SmarTeam.
  • Last phase of C8 Aileron development (moving towards production). Designed key fob.
  • Special products, such as creating road going vehicle from non-functional showcar (Aileron 2008 prototype) and coach build based on ‘standard’ C8 Aileron.
  • Participated in development of new chassis for next generation mid-engined sportscar (which was never realised due to company going bust).

2008-2010 | Bosch Thermotechnology Netherlands (TT/NL) (Nefit) in Deventer (NL).

  • Gas (driven) Heat Pump concept development. No moving parts apart from a control valve.
  • Develop standard interface for gas carrying components.
  • Set up standards and directives system for engineering department.
  • Update Bosch TT directives with Bosch TT engineers worldwide.

2008 | PANalytical in Almelo (NL).

  • Modifying components of X-Ray equipment while learning about fine mechanics.
  • Gained working experience with I-DEAS PDM/CAE system.
  • Larger technological company with corresponding development strategies (Lean 6σ).

2006-2007 | Koenigsegg Automotive AB in Ängelholm (SE)

  • Making and verifying European homologation/type approval documents. Verified CCX compliance with the regulations. Made adjustments to car if necessary.
  • Designed instrument panel in CAD and built working prototypes: design (ergonomics, but also style), mechanical components, coordinating suppliers and partners for the electrical part.
  • Redesigned several components of the car to improve their functionality and the build/assembly process.

2004-2005 | HAN – Lectoraat TQM in Arnhem (NL).

  • Employed by the HAN, out-placed at Riedel Drinks and Veld Laser Innovations for a research to test and develop a new analysis method created by TNO MEP and the HAN for determining useful investments for a sustainable and durable company.
  • Analysed the complete product chain of orange juice at Riedel Drinks. Identified possible threats and opportunities and suggested analysis method for determining solutions.
  • Supported several bachelor students with their thesis on this subject.

2002-2003 | TNO Automotive in Delft (NL).

  • Bachelor thesis: Developing the complete concept for a Railbus, an automated rail-vehicle for transit purposes containing 48 seats.
  • Designed revolutionary new diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain which in theory provided over 35% higher fuel-economy while being 25% faster than conventional rail vehicles.

2001 | NEG Micon Holland / DOWEC in Bunnik (NL)

  • Internship: Research to condition monitoring in windturbines.
  • Research to condition monitoring in an offshore windturbine at the R&D department of NEG Micon Holland.
  • Analysed information inside the company and from the internet to determine the critical parts of the windturbines.
  • Research how to monitor these parts and suggesting how to apply a condition monitoring system.

2001 | Intechno Technisch Advies Buro in Veenendaal (NL).

  • Internship: Energy management of utility buildings.
  • Analysing energy use data of the managed buildings to find overuse to reach optimal energy use.
  • Drawing water tubes in buildings with Autocad 2000 for a project to reduce the development of bacteria. (There was a problem with legionella bacteria at an event in NL that caused a national review of all similar systems.)

1999 | FOM Onderzoeksinstituut Rijnhuizen in Nieuwegein (NL).

  • Internship: Research to high performance water cooling.
  • Developing a cooling system for an experimental 2MW maser for the FEM2-project, which aims to achieve nuclear fusion.
  • Gained knowledge about high performance cooling.
  • Build a test prototype with a special chemical coating and using the Piston effect.