Digital skills

Experience with MacOS (classic since 7; X since 10.1) and Windows since 95.

Experience with office suites such as Microsoft Office and LibreOffice on both MacOS and Windows.

Though I am not a programmer, I strive for making structured documents. I am comfortable with creating documents in formats such as Markdown and HTML (+CSS).

Currently I enjoy working in Ulysses on MacOS and iOS, which uses the Markdown XL syntax. The content of this website is created in Ulysses and through this application directly uploaded to the WordPress blog this site runs on.

I communicate, next to actual talking, like everyone mostly via email and instant messaging. I do not share much on social media, though I spend some time on it keeping up with the world around me.

Over the years I used several computer-aided design / computer-aided engineering (CAD/CAE) applications, such as SolidWorks, Siemens NX and CATIA V5, including PDM systems such as SmarTeam and Team Center Engineering. Currently I mostly use Autodesk Fusion360 for parametric CAD work. Blender with MakeHuman for virtual ergonomics analysis.

For editing bitmap images (such as scans) I mostly use the basic Apple Preview (it’s got quite powerful histogram and cropping tools). If I need more options, then The Gimp is my preferred option. Inkscape is a wonderful tool for designing vector graphics.

It’s been a while since I read the Apple, Android and Gnome Human Interface Guidelines, but I understand the basics and use them for designing new methods for things as workflows.

Created websites based on WordPress, Tiki and Drupal. Tiki is great for working in a small development team, where you can assign roles and permissions, share and organise data, communicate, create workflows and much more. WordPress is a nice blogging and personal website tool. Drupal is a great content management system for an online knowledge base. These tools can do much more than this, but this is how I used them. Usually I develop the sites locally inside a MAMP environment.