Over the years I have followed various courses to learn to communicate in other languages than my native Dutch. Like with everything: “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. So the longer ago I studied a language and the longer ago it is since I actively had to use it, the more difficult it will be for me. Languages like German and Swedish tend to come back when I am immersed in them; French takes a bit more effort.

English has become the main language in my daily life, especially since living in various countries in Europe for several years (well over a decade now and sometimes in multiple countries at the same time).

Though I am living in the Czech Republic and did an introduction course, I can’t claim to properly understand it, let alone communicate in it. Anki SRS is cracking my brain with this language though, so perhaps some day I will be able to use it for communication other than what’s needed in the supermarket as well.

Diplomas and certificates

  • 2014 | Certificate for the Czech language course
  • 2005 | Certificate for the French language course at level Intermédiaire 3 by IFP


2014 | Six-week intensive Czech language course at the Charles University in Prague (CZ).

2007 | Swedish for beginners by the Folkuniversitetet in Helsingborg (SE).

  • Basics of the Swedish language and culture.

2005-2006 | French language course at IFP ( Institut français de Prague) in Prague (CZ).

  • During two semesters classes on levels Elémentaire 2 and Intermédiaire 3.
  • During second semester private conversation classes as well.
  • Focus of the entire course was on speaking French.