Vocational education

My vocational education was focussed on (automotive) product development.

I did not complete two studies. Industrial Design, because a new Automotive Engineering course became available. The Automotive Engineering course, because I failed one topic (matrix transformations). I preferred an opportunity for my dream job at Koenigsegg in Sweden to wasting a year to complete that topic/course. The ‘missing’ topic was already replaced by computer calculations and thus redundant for the real world (in my opinion). That the teacher did not do more than applying tricks and not knowing if they were applied correctly, did not motivate me either.

2005-2006 | Automotive Engineering at the CVUT in Prague (CZ) (not completed)

  • First year of two years Master of Science (MSc) study with the focus on automotive technology

2003-2004 | Industrial Design at Universiteit Twente in Enschede (NL) (not completed)

  • Pre-MSc curriculum with a focus on ergonomics and design. Attended additional courses at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

1998-2004 | Mechanical Engineering at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen in Arnhem (NL)

  • ‘Bachelor in Engineering’ degree (2004-09-27). Specialisation: ‘construction and design’ with three 10 week internships (see work experience) and the graduation research at TNO Automotive (Advanced Chassis and Transport Systems department).
  • Additional subjects ‘technology and society for engineers’ (studying the influence of technology on society and vice versa) and ‘product engineering’ (applying industrial guidelines to designs).