Vocational education

My vocational education was focussed on (automotive) product development. I did not complete two studies. Industrial Design, because a new Automotive Engineering course became available and I preferred that. The Automotive Engineering course, because I failed one topic (matrix transformations). I preferred an opportunity for my dream job at Koenigsegg in Sweden to wasting a year to complete that topic/course.

2005-2006 | Automotive Engineering at the CVUT in Prague (CZ) (not completed)

  • First year of two years Master of Science (MSc) study with the focus on automotive technology

2003-2004 | Industrial Design at Universiteit Twente in Enschede (NL) (not completed)

  • Pre-MSc curriculum with a focus on ergonomics and design. Attended additional courses at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

1998-2004 | Mechanical Engineering at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen in Arnhem (NL)

  • ‘Bachelor in Engineering’ degree (2004-09-27). Specialisation: ‘construction and design’ with three 10 week internships (see work experience) and the graduation research at TNO Automotive (Advanced Chassis and Transport Systems department).
  • Additional subjects ‘technology and society for engineers’ (studying the influence of technology on society and vice versa) and ‘product engineering’ (applying industrial guidelines to designs).