update for Huawei dongle driver for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Almost two years ago I wrote a blogpost about getting the Huawei E160 USB dongle working with the Czech O2 mobile data network. At the time I was using Mac OS X 10.6 SnowLeopard (still the best OS X version IMHO). Since I upgraded to a 15" RetinaBook (MacBook Pro), I had to use OS X 10.8 and the stick did not work anymore due to different driver system etc. Since I need the stick to be able to be online (cable or ADSL takes some time to be installed in Prague apparently), I needed to have it working. Via a blogpost found via Google, I ended up at the Three UK Dongle drivers, Device support pages for the Huawei dongles, where I found an updated driver in a zip-compressed file. It took the same show package contents trick to find the huawei_universal_425_05.pkg I needed (first inside the 3Connect installer app and then in the mobilemanager.mpkg in the resources folder). Fortunately it works again as it should now.

tmutil destinationinfo

Recently I configured my Synology NAS to be used as (wireless) destination for Time Machine backups. This works well via the following command in Terminal as described on the Apple manual page for tmutil:

tmutil setdestination afp://user[:pass]@host/share

If you want to see the set destination, use the following command in Terminal:

tmutil destinationinfo

Big improvement in managing backups, since these options are not available in the GUI yet.

Book review: "Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking."

A few days ago I finished reading Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking by Susan Cain. Her TED presentation about the topic of introverts made me curious about the book. Even though it was quite a heavy read due to all the scientific references, it also was an eye-opener. It explained so many things which I experienced, but never was aware of. It did also make me wonder if I enjoyed reading this so much due to the fact that it mentions so many positive effects of high-sensitivity, which I experienced as disadvantages in this apparently extrovert ideal following world.

The main things that are on my mind all the time since reading the book:

  • Make sure there are sufficient moments to recover from high input periods, such as the horrors of open office plans or other environments with excessive inputs.
  • Use the strengths of persistence, concentration, insight, and sensitivity instead of trying to conform to the more common extrovert ideal.
  • Trust your guts more than those of the more convincing extrovert. They are usually less capable of properly assessing the case, even though it is often perceived otherwise.
  • Group activities for creative actions are scientifically proven to be less effective than collecting individual contributions and collectively evaluating those contributions. Group work is much more effective (and bearable/enjoyable) when it is the result of smaller groups (3 people max) working on a common goal and when the environment caters for equal chances for everyone's voice (so eliminating difference between the usually shyer voice of introverts and the commonly stronger pronounced voice of extroverts).
  • Individual working is most likely the most effective and most pleasant working style (solitude can be a catalyst to innovation), so the job and job environment must cater for this.
  • Adjust your communication style for extroverts, since they interpret (body language) signals differently than introverts.
  • Create a balance in (socialising) activities which are both bearable and enjoyable for both the introverted and extroverted character if you are in a mixed relationship (which seems to be the case for me).
  • Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.

Recommending this book seems obvious, but I have to admit I might just order the Summary: Quiet ...in 30 Minutes - A Concise Summary of Susan Cain's Bestselling Book to get the same content without all those references and other correct-but-overly-demanding content. If you have the time and I suspect you will make it as soon as you start reading it, go for the complete book though.

NOTE: I have just created an Amazon Associates account and used the links to books at the Amazon shop. If you consider buying, I would much appreciate it if you could do that via the links I provided, since it will contribute to my further purchases without any extra costs for you. Thank you.

You're right, mate!

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Inspirational stuff. Now let's do something with it.

Does free work work?

Interesting idea presented in this video regarding finding work and doing work. Curious to try it now I have the ideal circumstances for it.


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