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Figured out today that to use conditional formatting in the spreadsheet application of LibreOffice, one has to use a "double quote" around the text to be looked up in the 'equal to' box. Annoying that some things are actually less intuitive in LibreOffice than in the M$ Office apps.

no comment

It is no longer possible to leave comments on posts on this website. The spam was driving me nuts and nobody was commenting anyway.

Saved Application State

I was annoyed by the fact that my MacBook Pro Retina was getting slower again during boot and shutdown. A small search online suggested cleaning up the LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons folders (by removing redundant or unnecessary items) in the following folders:

~/Library/ (=the User Library folder which can also be found via the Finder by holding the Option -ALT- key and clicking the Go menu item in the menubar)

This helped a bit by preventing from 'helper' apps being loaded in the background. It did trigger me to also remove some apps that I had not used in a long time or no use for anymore (such as the BlackBerry app which I needed to update my girlfriends previous phone).

Another suggestion was to remove the folders containing Java from the system, since it would be installed on demand anyway. The mentioned (Apple supplied) Java folders can also be found in:


Again a small improvement in speed. The Apple supplied Java install is not maintained anymore apart from some security fixes, so it was recommended to update to the 'real' Oracle Java software. Installing this one did not give any slowdown of the system as far as I can tell. It also provides a utility showing which Java versions are available. Fortunately this one showed only the Oracle one, so the Apple one had been properly removed by deleting the before mentioned folders.

What gave the biggest improvement in boot and shutdown speed though, was emptying the
~/Library/Saved Application State/
folder and locking it after that. It does not seem to affect anything else in the system. Wonderful.

AFP can not count (file size)

My Synoloy NAS has proven to be very useful as a DLNP server, since I can now stream all my movies rather than needing it installed locally. It has also been a comforting thought that my data is now spread over a RAID volume, which makes me think it is backed up properly (adding UPS would be great though).

The only annoying thing is that when I access my data via the AFP networking protocol, I need at least double the size available of whatever I want to copy. As an example: I made a backup of an iPhoto library of 61GB and even though I had 139 GB available according to the Mountain Lion Finder (which calculates differently than before apparently), I got an error that not enough space was available to copy the iPhoto Library. Not sure if I can blame AFP for this annoying behaviour or the OS X implementation of it, but I needed an external USB drive with more free space to get it copied. Annoying.

How to reduce file size of virtual box hard drives in Mac OS X

- make (TimeMachine) backup of drives to be compacted!
- in guest OS (e.g. Windows) perform CCleaner maintenance/cleaning
- perform Windows Disk Defragmentation
- in command prompt to write zero on all free space via sdelete -z
- shutdown guest OS (Windows)
- in Terminal perform VBoxManage command ("cd //Applications/") "VBoxManage modifyhd --compact ~/Library/VirtualBox/Machines/yourguestosname/yourdiskname.vdi"


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