iOS SMS backup

My girlfriend switched from her iPhone4 to a BlackBerry Z10. Since she uses a MacBook (Air) and was synchronising her contacts and calendar, but nothing else, via iCloud, it would be ideal if this could continue. Fortunately the contacts are shared via CardDAV and the calendar via CalDAV and BB OS10.2 supports these protocols. There even was a clear explanation on the BB website on how to set this up. Worked immediately. Great. Next challenge was to get the info from her SMS archive. It does not really matter if it is on the phone or on the computer and the computer turned out to be the best option. Chelsey Baker created a Perl script called iOS Message Export which enables you to export your (unencrypted) Messages archive to HTML files (one HTML file per contact per day). This combined with QuickLook search in OS X gives access to the full archive as she needed.

Even though there are still some things which don't work as advertised (such as running Android apps due to BB stripping out the Google libraries from the Android codebase in BB OS 10.2.2), her switch back to BB seems to be a positive experience. The OS seems indeed more straightforward than iOS, but perhaps that is because it has less features. It seems more hierarchical, which could also contribute to this experience. Hopefully BB will continue to exist and develop this platform, since it seems to have quite the potential. I might even be tempted to replace my iPhone eventually with a non-iOS device. Now that's a big change I did not expect.

instant sleep

To lock a Mac via a keyboard shortcut, use the SHIFT-CONTROL-EJECT or SHIFT-CONTROL-POWER combo. This will put the display to sleep and ask for the password to be entered when the computer is accessed again. Similar to the WindowsKey-L combo on Windows.

Make Java apps run in HiDPI mode on OS X

When I opened ProjectLibre today, I realised it was not using the 'retina' resolution for text. Since Java 7 supports this since Update 51, I was curious if it would be possible to make the Java 7 version of ProjectLibre run in this HiDPI mode. A quick search got me to a suggestion on stackexchange and following the steps below worked for me (though not for FileZilla):

• Make a backup copy of the application
• Open the application folder, then right click the app and choose "Show Package Contents"
• Edit Contents/info.plist
• Toward the bottom of the file, just before </dict>, add the following lines:


• Move the app package out of the applications folder. Then move it back in.
• The application may now allow a hacked, possibly glitchy retina mode.

NOTE: I had to hold the CMD (Apple) key while dragging to move the app out of the Applications folder, since otherwise it only created a link and did not move the actual .app from my Applications folder.

updating phpMyAdmin in MAMP

Note to self: don't forget to copy the old to the new //Applications/MAMP/bin/phpMyAdmin/ folder when updating.

Header table and style copying in LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a rather powerful package, but it also has its annoying features. Quite often it turns out though that there is undocumented functionality. Here some examples which I recently discovered

  • To have a table in the header, but not the standard blank line following the header, place the cursor in the last cell of the table and press Ctrl+Shift+Del or CMD+Shift+Del on the Mac to remove the blank line. (via AskLibreOffice or the GoogleCache version)
  • To import/copy styles from another document, open the styles and formatting window, click 'New style from selection' followed by 'Load Styles...' and via 'From File' select the file you want to import the styles from. Select the style categories you need via the checkboxes (Text, Frame, Pages, Numbering, Overwrite). (via)

Hope it saves someone some searching and frustration. Now if only I could figure out how to reclaim the whitespace reserved in graphs for the titles...


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