Reading list

This page contains an overview of the books I have recently read in reverse chronological order. The date represents the month when I finished the book.

Creative blockbusting -

June 2013
The basic ideas of which blocks can inhibit creativity and how to deal with them are presented in the first bit of the book. After that they are explained in further detail with a bunch of quotes and references. Became a bit dreadful to read. Should have stopped after the first two chapters, since I would have gotten about as much useful info.
** I read good things about this book and though the basic message is good, it did not meet my expectations.

The why are you here cafe - John P. Strelecky

November 2012
Many ideas I heard before are consolidated to one accessible imaginary story. Easy read and quite clarifying sometimes. Read it in one go.
*** I guess I would have liked it more if I had not been familiar with most of the ideas. Guess this is more appropriate for people orientating themselves.

Wat je rijdt ben je zelf - Erwin Wijman

November 2012
Automotive marketing and branding explained. Very recognisable for someone in (or temporarily out of) the business.
** It annoyed me that the book contained several duplicate pieces of text.

Enough - John Naish

November 2012
It starts with the Dutch word 'genoeg', so that makes it instantly a winner. The 'lagom' philosophy as I understood it in Sweden is very close to the contents of this book. Very recognisable and plenty of useful tips for achieving an 'enoughist' life. Not always nice to read, since instead of expanding the author sometimes fell back to repeating his words and that made this book longer than needed to communicate this useful message. Still recommended.
**** It made me more aware of how much we have in life and in which respects way too much. It helped me.

Ja-maar wat als alles lukt - Berthold Gunster

October 2012
Interesting book describing various options for looking at life and how to make it as nice as possible by changing your perspective (if necessary).
*** Bit fuzzy sometimes. Good ideas and very confronting though.

De dirty tricks van het onderhandelen - George van Houtem

September 2012
Small handbook focussed on negotiations. Quite useful, though not very entertaining to read.
** Expected more.

The 4-Hour Workweek - Timothy Ferris

August 2012
After some recommendations I had to read this book. That was also why I finished it. Some interesting perspective on things, but not very pleasant read and also I disagree with many of the presented ideas for automating ones' life.
*** The good parts are also described in Zen-To-Done, which is a nicer read.

PRINCE2: A Practical Handbook - Colin Bentley

May 2012
Decent handbook for executing PRINCE2 projects.
**** Detailed enough, though sometimes I still wondered about the big original official book.

Female Interaction Strategy - design people

April 2012
Eye opener and very accessible presentation of a lot of practical information regarding designing consumer products usable by everyone.
**** Nicely presented useful information with loads of graphics and good styling. So easy to read that I wondered if there was more to come.

PRINCE2 Compact - Ad van den Akker

April 2012
Horrible to read due to the dumb use of both the Dutch and English terms for the same PRINCE2 mumbling throughout the book. Confusing and very hard to read.
* I had to buy it with a course.

PRINCE2 Pocketbook

March 2012
Tiny book giving a good overview of the PRINCE2 project management strategy.
*** Good enough for the basics, but not enough to run a project with.

Eckarts Notes - Eckart Wintzen

February 2012
Very entertaining and eye opening book about using the 'cell structure' for running a business organisation.
**** Many recommendations are not useful for creating complex products, but nonetheless it gives plenty of inspiration for organising operations.

Zen To Done (ZTD) - Leo Babauta

January 2012
Based on Getting Things Done (GTD) and other productivity techniques. Easier and more practical, which makes it more feasible to actually get more done.
*** Have to read it again and implement things.

Un-Procrastinate - Leo Babauta

January 2012
Very useful ebook describing some backgrounds of procrastination and rather good suggestions for dealing with it.
**** Highly recommended.

Start with why - Simon Sinek

December 2011
Watching the TED presentation tells about as much as the complete ebook. Interesting read, even though there are too many repetitions of the same in the book.
*** Pretty good.

De ondernemende ondernemer - Dr. Martijn Driessen

December 2011
Description of the different psychological types of entrepreneurs and how to use these traits for the best in entrepreneurship.
** OK.

Crossing the Chasm - Geoffrey A. Moore

August 2011
A real eye-opener. Clearly describes what to look for successfully bringing innovative products to market.
***** Must read (for entrepreneurs).

The master key to riches - Napoleon Hill

July 2011
Read the revised edition for the 21st century. Suspect the author was dyslectic; impossible to read apart from one chapter (which was most likely written by someone else). Idea is good, but described terribly. Brief summary: there are 17 steps and it is pretty useless to do any of them unless you do all of them. And there are three things required to get self discipline: self discipline (doh!), habits and the third one was not really described.
* Avoid the revised edition.