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One of the goals of was to provide an overview of real automotive news rather than having to go through the enormous amount of copy-pasted erroneous items on the news sites. After realising how little of the news items were anything else than filtered press releases from the OEM corporate websites, the goal was to provide direct links to those press releases and show their relevance by referring to the novelty compared to the rest of the industry.

After gathering the majority of relevant RSS feeds and email mailing-lists, the weekly total of news items hovered around the 2000 mark. Unfortunately this number was a bit too much to combine with something called life and a brain just recovered from a burn-out/mononucleosis.

A week in a remote cottage on the Vänern lake in Sweden gave clarity about how to continue with the project: reduce the content to a relevant weekly column/editorial and keep it both interesting and viable this way.

If time and energy allow, perhaps there will be some news again in the future on this website. In case you did appreciate the format used here before and would like it to continue, please do feel free to contact me via the contact form on this website or via the Facebook page. All feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Below for your convenience an overview of the majority of RSS feeds, including their YouTube siblings, which were used for the news item posts the past few weeks. Beware that subscribing to all of them will cause a considerable and continuous influx of information. ¤

News sites | | Automotive News | GT Spirit | Jalopnik | SupplierBusiness | WardsAuto ¤

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Aston Martin | Alfa Romeo | Audi AG | Bentley Motors | BMW Group | Caparo T1 | Chrysler | Dacia | FIAT | Ford USA | Ford EU | General Motors | Honda | Hyundai | Jaguar | JLR | KIA | Koenigsegg | Lamborghini | Lexus | Mazda | McLaren Mercedes F1 | Nissan | Opel | Porsche | Renault | Rolls-Royce | SEAT | SKODA AUTO | Tatra Trucks | Toyota | Volkswagen AG | Volvo Cars ¤

OES (Original Equipment Supplier)

3M | AutoLiv | BorgWarner | Brembo | Continental AG | Faurecia | FIAT Powertrains | General Electric | Grammer AG | IAC Group | Lear | Magna | Osram | Plastic Omnium | Robert Bosch GmbH | Bosch Automotive | Saint-Gobain Sekurit | Schaeffler AG | TRW Automotive | Valeo | Valmet ¤


ADAC | European Transport Safety Council | EuroNCAP | Fraunhofer | IIHS | ISO | Rheinmetall | Shell | ThyssenKrupp | TNO ¤

ESP (Engineering Service Provider)

KSPG | MBTech Group | Applus+ Idiada | TÜV SÜD ¤

This article first appeared on my now defunct website on 2014-08-25.