All software linked to on this page is available for free. Most of it is open source developed software, so it is not just free as in gratis/no cost.

Title Win Mac
Office suite
PDF Viewer Adobe Reader built in OS
PDF parser PDF Creator built in OS
Mind Map FreeMind FreeMind
Editor Editra TextWrangler
Desktop Publishing (DTP) Scribus Scribus
Vector Inkscape Inkscape
Bitmap Gimp Gimp
Screenshot Greenshot built in OS
3D sketch Sketchup Sketchup
3D imaging Blender Blender
Image management Picasa Xee
Video player VideoLAN Client VideoLAN Client
Webbrowser Firefox Firefox
Email Thunderbird Thunderbird
FTP client FileZilla Cyberduck
Tools and Utilities
OS maintenance CCleaner OnyX
Compression 7-Zip built in OS
Anti-Virus ClamWin not applicable
Launcher Launchy QuickSilver